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We’ve put together a website where people can share, learn and experience the great country of New Zealand without leaving there chair. Check out the Travel Journals section where you can read about other peoples journeys. Our discussion forum where you can ask questions about traveling in New Zealand or which hotels to stay at. If your feeling really creative and enjoy New Zealand as much as we do, you can write an article on New Zealand and have it featured in our articles section.

New Zealand Holiday is a place to learn and share about all things New Zealand.

We are also currently in the process of building up our pages section. This section is information based and is less personal. You can find a list of the different hotels available throughout New Zealand. You’ll also find maps and data about each region, such as weather, population, attractions etc…

If you are passionate about New Zealand and would like to help build or moderate this site. Please contact dlegal@gmail.com.

Thanks, and please enjoy the site!

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Akaroa New Zealand

Around 1 Lisa and I left Kaikoura and made our way to Akaroa, the tiny peninsula located on the east coast just beside Christchurch. The drive there was a tough one for me, I was starting to feel the effects of the early morning rise. Lisa had the right idea and slept from Kaikoura all [...] Read More »

Swimming with the Dolphins in New Zealand

Possibly the most intelligent marine species, humans continually marvel at the capabilities of the Dolphins. Humans and Dolphins have developed a unique bond over the years, and Dolphins' unusual form of shrieking communication can be quite charming.

Join Dolphins in the water and swim with them, as this is [...] Read More »

Kaikoura New Zealand

As we pulled into Kaikoura our already squeaky car got even squeakier, Squeaky on a car is fine, but this squeaky didn't sound good at all. Lisa and I checked into our Mansion sized motel room at Sails Motel and then called up AA and had them come down and take a look at the [...] Read More »