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Hungry for Hangi in New Zealand

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

The Maoris in New Zealand have always had their own special culture and traditions. This includes a traditional meal called Hangi. Hangi is an experience not just a meal. The Maoris believe that the earth is the giver of all life. The soil is the giver of food and to honor this belief the food is cooked in a pit under the ground. Fish, pork and chicken are combined with root vegetables to create a delicious feast. Pumpkin, cabbage and sweet potato are often added to enhance the meal. Traditionally this was all wrapped together in leaves and placed on hot stones at the bottom of the pit. A wet cloth covered the leaves and soil was placed on top of this. After cooking for three to four hours the feast is ready. The meat and vegetables are tender with a smoky flavor.

There are several places in Rotorua where Hangi can be enjoyed. Hangi is just part of an entire evening dedicated to the Maori culture. The evening begins with a welcome and a traditional challenge given by the Maoris. The evening continues with speeches, songs and traditional dances. It is then finished with the wonderful Hangi that has been cooked for several hours. Soak up the Maori culture at the Matai Maori Village. Their Hangi includes fish, meat, vegetables, and seafood. This is served with soup, salads, and dessert. Another exciting tour is an hour from Rotorua at Wairakei Terraces. Walk around the living Maori Village before enjoying Hangi. The carvers, weavers, and tattooists will make this a meal that won’t soon be forgotten. The Millennium Hotel Rotorua on North Island offers an in-house Hangi for those who don’t want to take a tour. Te Puia offers a spectacular view of the geyser while enjoying the Hangi. Te Puia uses gas to cook the Hangi so the taste and aroma will be different than traditional cooking.

Two places in Christchurch are known for the Hangi experience. The Tamaki Heritage Village encourages interaction with the Maoris. Learn about the Maori history and culture while enjoying Hangi. Nga Hau E Wha is another place where Hangi is served in Christchurch.

It is important to remember that Hangi is a way of cooking. A hole has to be dug and filled with rocks before the meal can be started the food then cooks for three or four hours. This would make it extremely difficult to do in a restaurant. This is the main reason that Hangi is usually part of a cultural experience.

Queenstown Hostels

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Staying in hostels is a great way to stretch the holiday budget, meet likeminded travelers and pick up useful tips on all subjects of interest to tourists. Queenstown’s reputation as the “Adventure Capitol,” is justly deserved, since the variety of extreme as well as regular sports offered in and around Queensland is hard to beat, anywhere.

Activities including adventure holidays featuring bungy jumping, jet boating, water skiing, whitewater rafting, river surfing, aerobatic flights, sky diving, paragliding, canyon swing, mountain biking, hiking, tramping and fly fishing and more. For winter visitors, four ski resorts offer runs at all levels and cross country snow shoeing. The nightlife is legendary, catering for all taste from an international club scene and live music venues, quieter cabarets and fine dining options.

Queenstown Hostels* The Discovery Lodge at 49 Shotover Street, Queenstown is a centrally located hostel, only 300m from restaurants, shops and bars, 40 meters from Lake Wakatipu on an outcropping overlooking the bay, and 9km from the Queenstown International Airport. The Lodge is rated 5-stars by Qualmark, the official rating body for New Zealand, offering accommodation in 80 rooms featuring private baths, air conditioning, refrigerators and coffee making facilities. Breakfast and dinner are available, the latter in Altitude Café, which becomes a lively bar after dark. Visitors should note this is a smoke-free hostel.

* Nomads at No.5-11 Church Street, Queenstown is a brand new, purpose-built hostel, suitable for wheelchair access and offering a variety of accommodations in rooms with private baths and wide screen Sky TV, refrigerators and ironing facilities. Also available are family suits and girls-only dorms with big balconies and lockers featuring built-in computer charging facilities. The hostel is a few meters from the lake, less than 5 minutes walk from cafes and bars. On site entertainment includes a host to lead guests in mayhem and competitions, cinema, internet access Rates include breakfast and access to a large well-equipped modern kitchen, air conditioning throughout. Finish your day out with a relaxing sauna or time spent in the huge communal lounge featuring a fireplace enjoying free the tea and coffee service.

* The YHA Queenstown Central hostel is summed up best by the well respected Lonely Planet guides as, “Clean and well maintained, this hostel’s crowning glory is the excellent kitchen and the lounge with its enormous windows and panoramic views of the lake… The staff is welcoming and helpful and the atmosphere is calm and family friendly. Amazingly located in the heart of town, you’re steps away from great restaurants, shops and activities and just around the corner from the harbor.” The hostel offers free in-room TV and movies, private baths, lockers, tea and coffee with a maximum of 5 guests to a room. Internet and storage facilities are also available.

* If the lakefront is your ideal location, with a town less than a 10 minute walk away, the YHA Queenstown Lakefront hostel also receives rave reviews from The Lonely Planet Guide. Spacious sport’s gear storage and drying rooms, easy access to walking trails and a large communal lounge with Skype and internet access make this hostel a favorite with outdoors types. Great cooking facilities and friendly, well informed staff complete a cheap and lively place to stay in Queenstown

Exciting Queenstown Activities for New Zealand Vacationers

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

If you’re considering a trip to New Zealand, don’t miss the excitement of Queenstown activities. Known as the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown offers plenty to do for the adventurous as well as plenty of tamer activities.

Queenstown is also known as an international resort town and is located in the south west part of New Zealand’s South Island. The alpine climate of Queenstown boasts winters snow-capped mountains against clear blue skies. And, the summer months bring long days and warm temperatures that are perfect for taking in all that the gorgeous area has to offer.

Also known as a natural theme park, the city is built on a glacial lake called Lake Wakatipu that is long and resembles a lightning bolt. It is surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful mountain scenery and the variety of options for outdoor adventure are seemingly endless. The scenery is spectacular and if you want a preview just watch one of the Lord of the Rings films which was shot amid the areas rivers, lakes, forests and mountains.

Queenstown ActivitiesFollowing are just a few of the many Queenstown activities that should be part of any visit to the area.

-The 8th Natural Wonder of the World is Milford Sound which is home to mountain peaks, an ancient forest and awe-inspiring waterfalls.

-The opportunities for bungy jumping are plentiful, including the original bungy jump from the historic Kawarau Bungy Bridge. Adventure seekers will surely love the adrenaline pumping experience surrounded by the natural beauty of Queensland.

– White water rafting opportunities are also a great way to explore the area and enjoy a bit of adventure at the same time. The Kawaruau River is great for first-time rafters with four rapids and fantastic scenery. Shotover River is wild and untamed. The unspoiled, breathtaking scenery is coupled with the excitement of six rapids and a 170-meter-long Oxenbridge Tunnel that takes the rafters through complete darkness.

– Horseback riding along the very same ground that was covered in the Lord of the Rings is yet another opportunity to immerse yourself in the splendor of wild and wonderful land in and around Queenstown.

– A visit in the winter offers fabulous skiing, snowboarding and plenty of other winter sports. Just keep in mind that winter in the southern hemisphere comes while the northern hemisphere is enjoying summer. That makes it a perfect getaway for winter sports buffs.

– The west coast glaciers are well worth a trip to experience the magnificence of one of nature’s most powerful topography sculpting tools.

-See the unique wild life of the area including seals, penguins, whales and plenty of inland creatures as well.

Getting to Queenstown is easy with daily International flights as well as national flights from other New Zealand cities. In addition, the whole area is easily traveled by car, but there is no rail access. In addition to the numerous Queenstown activities, there are also a wide range of accommodations to fit your travel style no matter what it is. From backpackers to luxury hotels there’s literally something for everyone.

Popular New Zealand Wines

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Compared to countries like Italy and France who have been producing fine wine for centuries, New Zealand is relatively new to the game. A former British Colony, New Zealand had to overcome the cultural dominance of beer and spirits before its wine industry could become more than marginal. In fact from the time of New Zealand’s first vineyard to the country’s first wine making boom in the 1970’s, over 100 years had passed. But despite its slow start New Zealand now produces some of the world’s most unique and unforgettable wines.

New Zealand has ten different distinct wine regions, each with their own climate and terrain, making each unique in their flavors. Though each area produces a number of different wines, New Zealand has built a reputation for an exceptional Sauvignon Blanc. This green skinned grape makes a crisp and elegant and is perfected by the region’s mild maritime climate and the shape of the island, ensuring vineyards are never farther than 80 miles from the ocean. The popularity of The popularity of Sauvignon Blanc is what brought mass attention to New Zealand’s vineyards in the past two decades. In addition, New Zealand also produces exceptional Chardonnays, Cabernets and sparkling wines.

Popular New Zealand WinesWine from the Marlborough region has attracted attention from from critics and aficionados all over the world. Its sandy soil, beautiful weather and long growing season is perfect from growing Sauvignon Blanc and has become New Zealand’s producer of it. Cloudy Bay has been a popular and well respected vineyard from the Marlboro region since the rise in popularity of New Zealand wines a few years ago. Its Sauvignon Blanc created a quite phenomenon in the wine industry, making Cloudy bay a highly sought after brand. In addition, Cloudy Bay also produces a number of Chardonnays, vintage Pinot Noirs and sparkling whites that are elegant and moderately priced. Hunter’s in another wine from Marlboro responsible starting the excitement over the region’s exceptional white wines. The vineyard started in 1987 and has continuously won awards for its efforts: over 100 gold medals at national and international levels. Isabel Estate Vineyard is another Marlboro wine brand that continues to be an award winner with its Sauvignon Blanc that was once named Decanter Magazine’s “White Wine of the Year.”

In contrast to Marlboro’s temperate climate vineyards, Auckland is New Zealand’s most northern region and experiences much warmer temperatures and has a humid sub-tropical climate. Auckland and other regions in New Zealand’s Nothland are known for its Bordeaux style of wine and have some of the oldest vineyards in New Zealand, some dating as far back as 1819. While regions like Marlboro produce mostly Sauvignon Blanc, this region produces some of the country’s best Cabernets and Chardonnays. Man O’ War is a brand from Auckland that continues to constantly gain attention. Its vintage Chardonnays are known to be smoky, yet fruity, a unique taste all its own. Mission Estate is the region’s (and country’s) oldest winery and produces smooth, yet bold vintage Cabernets.

Dream New Zealand Honeymoon in North Island

Monday, March 1st, 2010

If you are looking for somewhere extra special to have your honeymoon you should really consider New Zealand. Breath-taking North Island in New Zealand is a great place to start your new life as man and wife. You would have to really search to find a more beautiful place to spend those special honeymoon days. There is a wide range of activites to enjoy on North Island. You will find golf courses, kayak trips, backpacking and sightseeing to round out your days in beautiful North Island. No matter what your interests are, you will find something to interest you on North Island. There is Raupehu, the largest active volcano in New Zealand, where you can ski or enjoy the pristine sights of the volcano.

The lovely beaches on North Island offer swimming, boating, fishing or just lounging on the beach. Be sure and visit the Bay of Islands while you are there. The Bay of Islands contains over 150 islands that feature all sorts of water sports and fishing. There are numerous tours available to show you the sights of this beautiful island. Take a long walk in a primitive forest holding hands and making plans for you life together. There is no dangerous wildlife on North Island so you can enjoy your hike without worrying about that. The wildlife of New Zealand is unique and not seen commonly anywhere else. You will find the people of North Island very friendly and always ready to help you with information.

New Zealand North Island HoneymoonIf the nightlife draws you, be sure and visit Wellington. The capital of New Zealand offers many beautiful sights for honeymooners. There are numerous museums, restaurants, and performing arts activities. There are many sports activities for those of you that love sports. Don’t missing see the botanical gardens in Wellington, they are definitely a wonderful place to spend the day. There are unlimited photographic spots on North Island. Whether your interests run from the pristine country side or the Art Deco buildings in dowtown Wellington you will find plenty to take photos of. Be sure and bring extra memory cards for your digital cameras to capture all the sights you want to remember.

When you are at North Island, be sure and try the local food and wines. New Zealand produces some very fine wines. You will find accommodations include beach resorts, hotels and bed and breakfast inns. There are also hide-a-way cottages you can rent for your dream honeymoon. Do not be surprised if the locals invite you over for a meal or to spend the night with them. New Zealand is known for its hospitality. Visit the Maori tribe and join them for a “hangi” which is a traditional Maorian meal.

If you have a fondness for movies or fantasy you can walk the very ground where they filmed the Lord of The Rings. Weta Workshop maintains a museum where you can see how they made the movie. They also created all the armor, costumes, weapons, and creatures for the movie. Weta Workshop also offers tours to see where all the movie action took place. Be sure and pack your digital camera and some extra memory cards for your dream honeymoon. There is a little of everything to make your NZ honeymoon in North Island very unforgettable.

Romantic Ideas For Staying In New Zealand

Monday, March 1st, 2010

New Zealand is a the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. New Zealand consists of two islands in the North and South and it the perfect place for couples. You can wine and dine, dance, shop, surf, snorkel, relax on the beach with your partner, or take a tour of the country. There is so much to explore in New Zealand. Read this guide if you want to learn about romantic ideas for staying in New Zealand.

The largest city in New Zealand is Auckland and it is popular with tourists. Auckland offers vibrant nightlife, fine dining, sandy beaches, and various parks. If you like good wine, you can visit the wineries that are located in Hawke’s Bay. There is a lot to do in Auckland like sail on the harbor, explore the museum, visit beautiful landscapes, or admire the view of the Hauraki Gulf from the Sky Tower.

Trnaz Alpine TrainIf you enjoy being adventurous with your partner, you should definitely visit the South Island. Queenstown offers many activities like jet boating, sky diving, bungee jumping, wine tours, nature walks, and gourmet restaurants. Another city that you can visit is ChristChurch, which offers lush parks, Victorian architecture, and a vibrant entertainment scene. In the South Island, you and that special someone can experience Mount Cook, and The Fox Glaciers, or you can ski, travel on the Tranz Alpine train, visit the Canterbury Museum or the Fiordland National Park.

There are many fine hotels and resorts in New Zealand. For instance, you might want to stay at the Crowne Plaza Queenstown, which is a seven-story hotel. This gorgeous hotel features minibars, flat screen televisions, private balconies, restaurants and lounges. After a day of skiing, bungee jumping, or hiking with your partner, you can relax in a modern hotel room that has a gorgeous view of the courtyard or lake. There are also lodges, motels, farm stays, and backpacker lodges that you can stay at. You can get around New Zealand by walking, taking a bus, renting a car, or riding a ferry or water taxi.

If you and your partner are thrill-seekers, you can go paragliding, or take a romantic ride on a hot air balloon. You can visit the spas and health resorts and get a couples massage or you can take a dip in the thermal bathing pools or hot tubs. You can go snowboarding, kayaking, fishing, sailing, rafting, or windsurfing. If you like wildlife, you can do some bird watching, whale watching, or you can visit the zoo.

New Zealand is the perfect destination for celebrating romance, passion, and a honeymoon. The country is beautiful and it is the perfect place for lovers.

3 Reasons To Go To Queenstown

Monday, March 1st, 2010

There are many wonderful reasons to make a visit to Queenstown, New Zealand. Considered to be the adventure capital of the world, there are many adventurous activities to try as well as the easier ones. It is also a cosmopolitan, international resort town located on the South Island of New Zealand. The beauty alone is another good reason to go to Queenstown. With its’ alpine climate, there are fabulous snow-capped mountains right up against the clear blue skies. The summer temperatures are warm enough along with long days to be able to enjoy all of the outdoor scenery and activities that Queenstown has to offer.

Another great quality of Queenstown are the native New Zealanders. They are ready and willing to help the tourist feel at home in their gorgeous country. All of these reasons alone are wonderful ones to start planning that Queenstown trip today. However, there are three special reasons to go to Queenstown.

3 Reasons QueenstownOne very special reason for a visit is the fact that Queenstown is practically the bungy jumping capital of the world. Just when you thought that you haven’t heard a lot about bungy jumping lately, it is still an exciting and active sport in Queenstown. There are many locations in this area to try bungy jumping, and the main one is the original bungy jump right from the historic Kawarau Bungy Bridge. Many adventurers come to Queenstown just to experience this heart-stopping activity.

Another first rate reason to go to Queenstown is the fact that it is also known as a natural theme park. It is built right on the glacial lake of Lake Wakatipu. This is a long and narrow lake that is said to look very much like a lightening bolt. One of the Lord of the Rings movies was shot right around this area’s lakes, forests, rivers and mountains. The scenery here is so unbelievably beautiful that a visit in person is the best way to realize how breathtaking it really is.

A third, and certainly not a third in rank, reason to visit Queenstown are simply the many outdoor activities there are to enjoy. Horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding and other sports are here to enjoy. The white water rafting experience is perfect on the Kawaruau River. Shotover River is the wilder of the two rivers when it comes to rafting. This river is so exciting that there are actually six rapids to experience and even a tunnel that takes the rafters into total darkness for a frightening yet exhilarating ride.

After enjoying all of these outdoor activities, it is nice just to relax in Queenstown itself and enjoy this simply perfect city on South Island.

New Zealand Vacations: A Romantic Reality

Monday, March 1st, 2010

For many, the county of New Zealand is a distant place that conjures up memories of Lucy Lawless in her role as Xena, Warrior Princess. For those who already reside in New Zealand, but desire to travel or for those who are arriving from abroad, New Zealand is a beautiful paradise full of wonder and romantic adventure just waiting to be discovered!

The city of Akaroa is located about an hour away from the city of Christchurch. Akaroa is home to the lush Banks Peninsula, where the foliage is a deep green and the waters run a beautiful shade of blue. Akaroa is a perfect spot to experience a romantic New Zealand romantic vacation. Akaroa is home to several pubs. Accommodations there include a variety of inns, rental cottages, and some bed and breakfast establishments.

Romantic New Zealand IdeasIn neighboring Christchurch, the buildings are of a Victorian era design. Christchurch offers a tram service as means of traveling about the city, or perhaps you would rather take advantage of a gondola service with your sweetheart upon the Avon River. South Island is home to numerous vineyards.

For those who prefer city life, Auckland holds over one third of the countries population at approximately one million residents. Wellington is the capitol city. New Zealand is culturally diverse and the influence of the native Maori people is quite noticeable. New Zealand is home to many national parks, glaciers, waterfall, and rare animal life. There are many hiking trails in New Zealand, as well as alternative modes of travel such as tram systems, bike trails, car ferries, and boats. You and your love can cruise through the surrealistic Milford Sound, sample wine at one of New Zealand’s many fine vineyards, or go kayaking. There are many spa resorts in New Zealand, as well as campsites and beaches. New Zealand is also home to ski resorts in Queenstown and Wanaka. At the Vagabond Wharf in Tauranga, you can even swim and snorkel with dolphins!

For those that enjoy nightlife a great dining experience, New Zealand has a great variety of eateries to choose from while experiencing your New Zealand vacation experience such as Cafe Bastille, a bistro located in Wellington. In the Mt. Cook area, there is the Summit Restaurant and Bar or if you’re in Hawkes Bay there is the Regale Eater.

One thing to remember when planning your New Zealand romantic vacation is that it is located in the southern hemisphere. The warmest months in New Zealand are December, January, and February while the coldest months are in June, July, in August. If you live in the northern hemisphere and are looking for a warm, romantic place to enjoy your honeymoon, plan your trip in December! Is your 25th wedding anniversary in June? Tired of the summer heat? Why not plan a New Zealand romantic vacation to escape and celebrate with your loved one!

New Zealand Vineyards

Monday, January 18th, 2010

There is a wonderful selection and variety of vineyards and wineries to visit in New Zealand. Below is an overview of five ‘can’t miss’ New Zealand vineyards.

Margrain Vineyard, located in Martinborough, boasts that they offer “a complete vineyard experience.” As a company, their goal is, and has been, to grow the highest quality grapes in order to create sophisticated wines of excellence. Husband and wife owners Daryl and Graham Margrain are passionate about refined wines, elegant food and the country lifestyle. Fully enjoy the vineyard experience by exploring the wine cycle from budburst to maturation to harvest. Stroll amongst the grape vines and walk along the wine trail while relaxing and enjoying a glass of their award winning wine.

Mountford Vineyard located in Christchurch is described as a ‘boutique vineyard and winery.’ It’s lovely setting perches guests on a hillside in the Waipara region. This vineyard takes pride in the details, resulting in distinct and elegant wines. In 1991, the vineyard was mostly Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines and now is expanded to incorporate Riesling vines. The Mountford Estate vineyard is unique in that they utilize many biodynamic techniques. Their “hands on” wine production techniques even include stomping grapes by foot. Mountford’s winemaker is also a unique characteristic of this vineyard. C.P., their winemaker, lost his sight when he was two and has developed his senses of smell and taste, which helps him craft the wines.

Dog Point Vineyard in Marlborough was started in 2002 by the Sutherland’s and the Healy’s. They are passionate about crafting and drinking fine wines in styles they personally enjoy. The release of their first wines occurred in February 2004. The Dog Point specializes in Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The owners are completely involved in the entire process, from winemaking to regional marketing.

Takatu Vineyard is located in Matakana. The warm hillside is an ideal location. For this particular vineyard, an extensive search was initiated to locate the finest site, soil and microclimate combination. These elements combine to produce top-notch grapes that ultimately produce the pleasant flavors of the wines made here. The owners and staff tender each vine by hand and each harvest is hand picked as well. On the grounds are accommodations providing guests with a one-stop vacation destination to relax in a soothing atmosphere while enjoying the wine making process as well as the famous Takatu wines available. The word “Takatu” translates to “Well Prepared,” which describes this New Zealand vineyard’s approach to growing and making wine perfectly.

Alana Estate Vineyard is in South Wairarapa. Alana Estate’s viticulture as well as their winemaking techniques are all hands on – hand picked, hand sorted, and handcrafted. Their state-of-the-art gravity fed winery is a gentle way of handling the grapes and is a rare method. Beginning in 2005 the ‘Alana Wine and Food Experience’ started and has seen huge success that now include catering events such as weddings and corporate functions. Then there’s the lunchtime Wine and Food Experience where the experts match the wines to the lunch food for a sophisticated twist on this mid-day meal.

A Look at the New Zealand Wine Regions

Monday, January 18th, 2010

New Zealand is a country that has a widely diverse climate and terrain. As such the ten primary New Zealand wine regions are also widely diverse. From north to south the regions are:

  • Northland
  • Auckland
  • Walkato/Bay of Plenty
  • Gisborne
  • Hawkes Bay
  • Nelson
  • Wairarapa
  • Malborough
  • Canterbury/Waipara Valley
  • Central Otago

Northland Region

Wine grape vines were first planted in the Northland region in 1819, although wine production in this region nearly died out until quite recently. Northland is the New Zealand’s smallest wine region. It has the warmest climate conditions and is popular for Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes.

Auckland Region

The Auckland region’s vineyards are mostly on the flat land on the east coast or they are planted in the shelter of the western ranges. Waiheke Island in Auckland Harbor are known for top quality red wines and the east coast which is about one hour by car north of the city of Auckland is known for its Cabernet Sauvignon and other red and white wines.

Waikato & Bay of Plenty Region

South of Auckland are the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions. While relatively small, they represent a steadily expanding region of vineyards growing mostly Chardonnay grapes as well as both Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. The vineyards are scattered amongst the acres of rolling farmland.

Gisbourne Region

The Gisborne region is home to the eastern most vineyards in the world with grape vines that are the first to see the sun break the horizon each day. About half Gisborne’s vineyards grow Chardonnay grapes and is appropriately nicknamed the Chardonnay Capital of New Zealand.

Hawkes Bay

With more than 80 vineyards, New Zealand’s second largest wine growing region is Hawkes Bay. The wide range of soil and the widely varied topography make it an ideal place to grow a wide variety of wine grapes. Chardonnay is again the most popular wine grape variety grown here but because of the long days and plentiful sunlight, grapes that ripen later also do well here and contribute to Hawkes Bay’s century-long wine heritage.

Nelson Region

The eight largest of New Zealand’s wine regions, Nelson is also known for artists and artisans as well as its wines. Nelson is on the country’s South Island on the western side. The winemakers here are known for varieties that excel in cooler growing conditions, including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Pinot Noir.

Wairarapa Region

Wairarapa is on the lower east side of New Zealand’s North Island. The wine district is centered in Martinborough, a town that is the oldest and best known wine center in the region. Pinot Noir grapes dominate although Sauvignon Blanc grapes do exceptionally well making a tremendous contribution to New Zealand’s reputation for quality wines.

Marlborough Region

While a relatively young wine region, Marlborough has become New Zealand’s best known and largest wine growing region. With nearly 150 vineyards, this region’s wines are known worldwide. The area enjoys a long growing season which plays a large role in the fruity flavors for which this region’s wines are known.

Canterbury/Waipara Valley Region

The fourth largest, this New Zealand wine region has two major areas—the plains around the city of Christchurch and the valley area that’s about one hour north and is known as Waipara. The region’s long and dry summers boast a lot of sun and cool weather make Chardonnay and Pinot Noir among the most popular grape varieties.

Central Otago

Finally, Central Otago is both the world’s most southerly wine region as well as New Zealand’s highest. This wine region is relatively new but it is growing aggressively and is now the country’s seventh largest. Central Otago wines are known for their intensity, vibrancy and purity, which are a perfect match for the region’s pure mountain air.