3 Reasons To Go To Queenstown

There are many wonderful reasons to make a visit to Queenstown, New Zealand. Considered to be the adventure capital of the world, there are many adventurous activities to try as well as the easier ones. It is also a cosmopolitan, international resort town located on the South Island of New Zealand. The beauty alone is another good reason to go to Queenstown. With its’ alpine climate, there are fabulous snow-capped mountains right up against the clear blue skies. The summer temperatures are warm enough along with long days to be able to enjoy all of the outdoor scenery and activities that Queenstown has to offer.

Another great quality of Queenstown are the native New Zealanders. They are ready and willing to help the tourist feel at home in their gorgeous country. All of these reasons alone are wonderful ones to start planning that Queenstown trip today. However, there are three special reasons to go to Queenstown.

3 Reasons QueenstownOne very special reason for a visit is the fact that Queenstown is practically the bungy jumping capital of the world. Just when you thought that you haven’t heard a lot about bungy jumping lately, it is still an exciting and active sport in Queenstown. There are many locations in this area to try bungy jumping, and the main one is the original bungy jump right from the historic Kawarau Bungy Bridge. Many adventurers come to Queenstown just to experience this heart-stopping activity.

Another first rate reason to go to Queenstown is the fact that it is also known as a natural theme park. It is built right on the glacial lake of Lake Wakatipu. This is a long and narrow lake that is said to look very much like a lightening bolt. One of the Lord of the Rings movies was shot right around this area’s lakes, forests, rivers and mountains. The scenery here is so unbelievably beautiful that a visit in person is the best way to realize how breathtaking it really is.

A third, and certainly not a third in rank, reason to visit Queenstown are simply the many outdoor activities there are to enjoy. Horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding and other sports are here to enjoy. The white water rafting experience is perfect on the Kawaruau River. Shotover River is the wilder of the two rivers when it comes to rafting. This river is so exciting that there are actually six rapids to experience and even a tunnel that takes the rafters into total darkness for a frightening yet exhilarating ride.

After enjoying all of these outdoor activities, it is nice just to relax in Queenstown itself and enjoy this simply perfect city on South Island.

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