Bungy Jumping in New Zealand

Bungy jumping is an exciting activity that celebrates the best of New Zealand’s lifestyle. It this situation it’s usually a bridge or other type of platform structure that is 35 to 134 meters in the air. The bungy operator’s staff place a strong latex rubber cord either on the jumper’s ankles or attach it to a full body harness. The jumper moves to the edge of the platform, inhales, and then swan dives into space, falling freely until the cord is completely extended. When the jump is over water, there is typically a ‘splash down’ or ‘water touch’ choice, and the jumper is picked up by a boat. With a land jump, however, the participant is lifted onto the staging area.

The back story of bungy jumping is a reenactment of a Vanuatu manhood ritual in which young men threw themselves off towers with their ankles tied together by vines. In the 1970’s the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club started testing elastic cords, and a video of this encouraged Kiwis. Hackett and Henry Van Asch built the original commercial bungy site in Queenstown. A strict safety code of practice is mandatory in New Zealand so bungy jumping is a pretty safe adventure sport.

Queenstown has become a hub for bungy jumpers, boasting five locations. There are multiple locations all over New Zealand that have a good bungy trip. Bungying costs eighty to two hundred dollars, generally with a commemorative tee and certificate thrown in. If you want to buy videos and action shots, they will cost you an additional thirty to fifty dollars.

When you locate a bungy site while enjoying your holiday in New Zealand, take advantage of it. It’s the best adrenaline rush, and it’s a mandatory part of the New Zealand outdoor adventure experience.

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  1. SALEHA ISMAIL says:

    Is it safe for people with hypertension trying bungy jumping? Please advise.Thank you in advance.

  2. SALEHA ISMAIL says:

    After the earthquake, is bungy jumping site open for visitors. Is it safe for jumping activities? My son is scheduled to visit Christchurch this April 2011. Please advise. Thank you in advance.

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