New Zealand Adventures

New Zealand is a beautiful, exotic country that is filled with a plethora of activities for everyone! Many people are attracted to this country for its scenery and friendly people but there are also many that come to New Zealand to take part of the many adventures there are in New Zealand. For those interested in their own New Zealand adventures here is a look at just some of what this great land has to offer!

The Franz Josef Glacier offers visitors the chance to explore this beautiful glacier and glacier valley. There are a few different tours that visitors can take that will take them hiking through this glacier. Visitors will marvel at the scenery and the hikes become very challenging as they can be very steep. It generally will last up to 4.5 hours and is a great way to see a different side of New Zealand.

For those who love the water and all the beautiful creatures that live in it you will love the opportunity to go swimming with dolphins. This is one of the more popular New Zealand adventures for families to take part in. A great spot for this is in Akaroa. This adventure usually takes about 3 hours and here you will get a chance to meet with some rare dolphins and see just how smart and friendly they can be.

Many people have heard of the famous glow worm caves New Zealand has. Why not see them for yourselves by visiting the Waitomo Caves for yourself. This 8 hour New Zealand adventure will take you to a whole other world underground and you will get to see thousands of these amazing little glow worms for yourself and learn about the history of the caves and the surrounding areas.

Another cave experience that is very popular when you are considering New Zealand adventures is the Ruakuri caves. These ancient caves hold a lot of mysterious history. Known as the den of dogs visitors can take part of a 9 hour tour that includes highlights such as being able to see hidden waterfalls and cave formations.

One way to see the scenery in Christchurch New Zealand is to take a jet boat ride. This three hour adventure is great for the whole family and will give you plenty of action as well as give you he chance to see all the great scenery in this area. You will see scenery that includes rural pastures to snow capped mountains. Other tours are available as well that can take you to more secluded areas that allow you to see forests, canyons and gorges.

Another one of the great New Zealand adventures includes the Rangitata white water rafting. This 2.5 hour adventure takes you rafting through rapids that start out lulling and peaceful to full grade 4 and grade 5 parts that will guarantee you adventure. This adventure will also give you the chance to go swimming in these beautiful rapids.

As with any adventure you should be sure you are physically fit and able to take part of these adventures to stay safe and have a good time. With so many great opportunities now is the time to plan your own New Zealand adventures! There are some great deals out there so go ahead and start planning now!

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