New Zealand Vacations: A Romantic Reality

For many, the county of New Zealand is a distant place that conjures up memories of Lucy Lawless in her role as Xena, Warrior Princess. For those who already reside in New Zealand, but desire to travel or for those who are arriving from abroad, New Zealand is a beautiful paradise full of wonder and romantic adventure just waiting to be discovered!

The city of Akaroa is located about an hour away from the city of Christchurch. Akaroa is home to the lush Banks Peninsula, where the foliage is a deep green and the waters run a beautiful shade of blue. Akaroa is a perfect spot to experience a romantic New Zealand romantic vacation. Akaroa is home to several pubs. Accommodations there include a variety of inns, rental cottages, and some bed and breakfast establishments.

Romantic New Zealand IdeasIn neighboring Christchurch, the buildings are of a Victorian era design. Christchurch offers a tram service as means of traveling about the city, or perhaps you would rather take advantage of a gondola service with your sweetheart upon the Avon River. South Island is home to numerous vineyards.

For those who prefer city life, Auckland holds over one third of the countries population at approximately one million residents. Wellington is the capitol city. New Zealand is culturally diverse and the influence of the native Maori people is quite noticeable. New Zealand is home to many national parks, glaciers, waterfall, and rare animal life. There are many hiking trails in New Zealand, as well as alternative modes of travel such as tram systems, bike trails, car ferries, and boats. You and your love can cruise through the surrealistic Milford Sound, sample wine at one of New Zealand’s many fine vineyards, or go kayaking. There are many spa resorts in New Zealand, as well as campsites and beaches. New Zealand is also home to ski resorts in Queenstown and Wanaka. At the Vagabond Wharf in Tauranga, you can even swim and snorkel with dolphins!

For those that enjoy nightlife a great dining experience, New Zealand has a great variety of eateries to choose from while experiencing your New Zealand vacation experience such as Cafe Bastille, a bistro located in Wellington. In the Mt. Cook area, there is the Summit Restaurant and Bar or if you’re in Hawkes Bay there is the Regale Eater.

One thing to remember when planning your New Zealand romantic vacation is that it is located in the southern hemisphere. The warmest months in New Zealand are December, January, and February while the coldest months are in June, July, in August. If you live in the northern hemisphere and are looking for a warm, romantic place to enjoy your honeymoon, plan your trip in December! Is your 25th wedding anniversary in June? Tired of the summer heat? Why not plan a New Zealand romantic vacation to escape and celebrate with your loved one!

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