Popular New Zealand Wines

Compared to countries like Italy and France who have been producing fine wine for centuries, New Zealand is relatively new to the game. A former British Colony, New Zealand had to overcome the cultural dominance of beer and spirits before its wine industry could become more than marginal. In fact from the time of New Zealand’s first vineyard to the country’s first wine making boom in the 1970’s, over 100 years had passed. But despite its slow start New Zealand now produces some of the world’s most unique and unforgettable wines.

New Zealand has ten different distinct wine regions, each with their own climate and terrain, making each unique in their flavors. Though each area produces a number of different wines, New Zealand has built a reputation for an exceptional Sauvignon Blanc. This green skinned grape makes a crisp and elegant and is perfected by the region’s mild maritime climate and the shape of the island, ensuring vineyards are never farther than 80 miles from the ocean. The popularity of The popularity of Sauvignon Blanc is what brought mass attention to New Zealand’s vineyards in the past two decades. In addition, New Zealand also produces exceptional Chardonnays, Cabernets and sparkling wines.

Popular New Zealand WinesWine from the Marlborough region has attracted attention from from critics and aficionados all over the world. Its sandy soil, beautiful weather and long growing season is perfect from growing Sauvignon Blanc and has become New Zealand’s producer of it. Cloudy Bay has been a popular and well respected vineyard from the Marlboro region since the rise in popularity of New Zealand wines a few years ago. Its Sauvignon Blanc created a quite phenomenon in the wine industry, making Cloudy bay a highly sought after brand. In addition, Cloudy Bay also produces a number of Chardonnays, vintage Pinot Noirs and sparkling whites that are elegant and moderately priced. Hunter’s in another wine from Marlboro responsible starting the excitement over the region’s exceptional white wines. The vineyard started in 1987 and has continuously won awards for its efforts: over 100 gold medals at national and international levels. Isabel Estate Vineyard is another Marlboro wine brand that continues to be an award winner with its Sauvignon Blanc that was once named Decanter Magazine’s “White Wine of the Year.”

In contrast to Marlboro’s temperate climate vineyards, Auckland is New Zealand’s most northern region and experiences much warmer temperatures and has a humid sub-tropical climate. Auckland and other regions in New Zealand’s Nothland are known for its Bordeaux style of wine and have some of the oldest vineyards in New Zealand, some dating as far back as 1819. While regions like Marlboro produce mostly Sauvignon Blanc, this region produces some of the country’s best Cabernets and Chardonnays. Man O’ War is a brand from Auckland that continues to constantly gain attention. Its vintage Chardonnays are known to be smoky, yet fruity, a unique taste all its own. Mission Estate is the region’s (and country’s) oldest winery and produces smooth, yet bold vintage Cabernets.

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