Sailing New Zealand’s Prestigious Fjord Land

You will find Milford Sound fjord in the southwestern part of New Zealand’s South Island. It’s no wonder that Rudyard Kipling, a well-known author, once called it the eighth natural wonder of the world; it has been voted time and again as the most popular travel destination in New Zealand. Exploration by the Europeans left this area virtually untouched because the narrow entry into the area left the beautiful large bays beyond hidden, and because they found it hard to navigate their ships through the fjords.

However, for today’s explorers/tourists, the best way to take in the unspoiled scenic wonder of Milford Sound is on the water. If you want to see New Zealand’s fjordland, Red Boat Cruises operates a cruise that begins at its home base at Milford Sound Wharf. Sailing on the ship, people can enjoy the beauty of the mountains, and the gorgeous views of undisturbed water that are on either side of the ship’s path. For its passengers Red Boat Cruises also provides a guided tour of the various geological formations located in the area along with information on the natural history. While on board, you will find a huge selection of food available — from snacks and desserts to a buffet lunch — including a well stocked bar that lets you take in the breathtaking scenery with a glass of fine wine in hand.

For those who want first-hand experience of the Milford Sound natural wonders on the water, there are two main travel packages to choose from. For a really close-up view of the natural formations of a fjord, try the Encounter Nature Cruise. At the same time, a guide will provide a running commentary pointing out highlights of the area’s geology, flora and history. The highlight of the trip, however, is sailing beneath the beautiful waterfalls and getting close to the razor edged cliffs. Because of its state-of-the art viewing equipment, Milford Deep Cruise allows its passengers to really appreciate the wonders of the undersea attractions of the fjord.

Located in the Te Anau area, Milford Sound provides visitors with the choice of staying at a Te Anau hotel, which will also allow them to spend time at other attractions close by. These hotels uphold the same gracious standards of hospitality provided by many of New Zealand’s hotels.

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