The Best Trout Fishing & Scenery – New Zealand Fly Fishing

The top trout fishing experience in the world is New Zealand Fly Fishing.

This thinly inhabited and mountainous island nation is situated in southern latitudes with plenty of crystal clear, unspoiled rivers, and lakes. These conditions are ideal for trout fishing. Fly fishing enthusiasts from the USA and the UK often go to New Zealand to pursue their sport.

Many excellent places for fly fishing can be found on both the North Island and the South Island of New Zealand. A large number of rivers and lakes in the area makes Taupo a must-see for any fly fishing trip to New Zealand. Taupo is open for fishing all year, so be sure to include this region in your New Zealand Fly Fishing holiday. You will catch more rainbow trout than brown trout when fishing in the north island.

There is fly fishing in its excellence in many sites, in the lowland rivers, and the high country, found in a large mountain range that runs down the length of the South Island.

The lakes in the high countries of the Nelson Lakes National Park and the Kahurangi Ranges are included in the lakes and rivers found behind the Nelson and Blenheim cities. Buller, Owen, and Moteka are some of the many rivers that complete the area. The unspoiled rivers in the area, and the amazing scenery of the mountains, with the plentiful large brown trout, will be enjoyed by anglers desiring a New Zealand Fly Fishing adventure. According to the New Zealand Fish & Game, the Motueka River has the largest populations of brown trout.

Numerous rivers and lakes originate from the mountains running north to south along the heavily forested west coast. There are great opportunities here to fish lakes, as well as the fast-flowing rivers. Productive fly fishing waters include Brunner and Little Moeraki lakes as well as the Ahaura, Arnold, Buller/Owen, Grey, and Otututu rivers.

The mostly long, wide, lazily flowing rivers and streams snaking to the sea on the east coast of the south island provide numerous opportunities for fly fishing. Mostly brown trout can be found in the waterways. Other well-known, reliable waters for fly fishing are the Hurunui, Waiau, and Waimakariri rivers, as well as lakes at their headwaters. The Ahuriri and Rangitata always provide excellent fly fishing in the south.

As they are quite popular, the southern high country with its lakes, rivers, and hydro channels surrounding Tekapo, Twizel, and Omarama are frequently over fished. There is amazing fly fishing in the waterways near Queenstown, Wanaka, and Cromwell, as well as great mountain views.

New Zealand Fly Fishing usually results in bigger trout than those located in Australia. The typical catch is four pounds, but there are huge eight pound fish available to catch in multiple locations. The full season lasts from October to April, and some areas – such as tributaries of Lake Taupo – can be fished during winter spawning. Peak season is from December to March, during New Zealand’s summer months of extended daylight.

All trout fisherman are required to purchase and maintain a current license, which can be obtained at most lodges and tackle shops or purchased from a licensed guide. When a local guide that is a professional is used, when fly fishing in New Zealand, many fly fishers note that their rate of catch is very high, as they are familiar with the waters and entomology, and can view the fish expertly, which is hard to do.

Lodges dedicated to fly fishing can be found on both of New Zealand’s islands.

New Zealand Fly Fishing is special, as the majority of its waters are open to everyone; however, it is courteous to always ask permission prior to crossing private land.

In remote regions, local fishing is restricted to lodge guests, so choose a lodge that is located near proven trout waters.

Below is a list of the best locations for Fly Fishing in all of New Zealand.

  • Murchison Region
  • Lake Taupo
  • Queenstown
  • Motueka River

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