Things Do in Wellington, New Zealand

Annual events including music, theater, dance, festivals, and athletic games are hosted by the city of Wellington, New Zealand. Anybody who resides in New Zealand or is planning a trip to this country will discover something to do any time of year.

Te Papa History of Wellington — On the Queens Wharf, discover the fascinating Te Papa history of Wellington at the Museum of Wellington. The museum holds different events during the year and without any fees. Every year during May they hold the Te Papa history event. This annual event is a time to hear about this country’s history as well as explore artifacts from the past.

Glow In The Dark Worm Tour — This unique one-hour tour through the Botanic Gardens in Wellington is well worth the trip. This is an annual event that happens on the last Friday of May at 8:00 p.m. Discover the awesome life of glow in the dark worms, bring your own flashlight so that you can find your way in the darkness. The cost is $1 to attend this event. They hold this even in the summer and at additional times throughout the year.

Braille Trail — Take the Sensation Walk on the Braille Trail (named after Louis Braille), for an amazing hike. This tour encourages you to close your eyes and engage your other senses to enjoy the wonders of the Botanic Garden. This occurs each May 26 at the Botanic Garden and costs nothing to attend.

Wellington Family Festival — Wellington City Center hosts the Wellington Family Festival which can be enjoyed by the whole family. This family activity has many local merchants selling crafts, arts, food, and entertainment. An annual event, the Wellington Family Festival takes place the first weekend of June and is geared to delight both youngsters and their elders alike.

Wellington Creative Dance Festival — Each May, the Wellington City Council hosts the Wellington Creative Dance Festival and invites dancers of all ages and experience levels to join in the fun. This show is held at the Massey University Auditorium, and showcases creative dancers of all ages and music types. Are you someone who delights in the art of dance? Then you will love watching and maybe even taking part in this special event.

National Hot Rod Show — If you love hot rods, you’ll want to see the National Hot Rod show which spotlights the finest that Wellington has to present. This takes place annually on the second weekend of April at the TSB Bank Arena. This is a family-friendly event with a small admission charge. You can touch, inspect, and even sit in some of the hot rods.

Cuban Carousel Celebration — You can help celebrate the Cuban influence in New Zealand by taking part in the Cuban Carousel Celebration. This annual event takes place the last Sunday of April at the Opera House. The Cuban Carousel boasts music, dancing and singing that commemorate the tradition of New Zealand along with the Cuban influence.

The Pick of the Fringe — Each April and May, visit the Westpac Stadium for the Pick of the Fringe, an exhibition featuring sporting events. Go to this annual event if you are looking to see genuine New Zealand sports. To be admitted to this Rugby event, there is a small charge.

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