Christchurch New Zealand

After lunch we jumped into our car and made the hour drive back to Christchurch and dropped off our car. We had rented the car t’ill the next day, but it had to be back so early that Lisa and I didn’t want to get up that early, so we just dropped it off the day before. We then found a local motel in Christchurch that was near the City Centre and made it our home for the night.

For our last evening in Chirstchurch Lisa and I thought we would go for supper and then head on down to the casino. So we walked down Victoria street which seems to be one of the more trendy streets in Christchurch and found a nice little restaurant called the New Yorker. I had lamb once again for my meal and Lisa had the venicen. Supper wasn’t all that great but was still good!! After supper we walked down victoria street until we came upon the casino, now the only reason we were really going to the casino was because I had accumulated $30 in change and wanted to get rid of it since they won’t exchange change back at home.

Along the Highway back to Christchuch

Along the Highway back to Christchuch

Into the casino we went and then were stopped by one of the hosts who pointed out that open toed sandals were not allowed, so Lisa and I turned around and walked back out. As we stood outside the casino Lisa pointed out that the other couple that had walked in beside us had open toed sandals on and also that the couple that was leaving had open toed sandals on. Oh well, what ever, I took it as a sign that we were going to loose.

Lisa and I headed back to our motel room just a few blocks away and decided to just relax and watch some Kiwi Television.

Day 19

Our last morning in New Zealand, it was definitley a sad time. Lisa and I got up around 9 and packed our stuff up in to two suite cases and two carry-ons, we called for a shuttle bus to the airport which is much cheaper then a taxi since it is located on the outskirts of the city.

Lisa's Meal at the "New York Steak House"

Lisa's Meal at the "New York Steak House"

The shuttle bus picked us up a few minutes later from our motel in downtown christchurch and made the 25 minute drive over to the airport. Once at the airport we checked in with Qantas air lines and found out our plane was going to be delayed for 2 hours, no big deal, our lay over in Auckland was so long that we could have had a four hour delay. With the delay came a free $8 voucher each which we could use at the airport cafeteria, so Lisa and I went down and had our morning snack. I had another steak meat pie and Lisa opted for a chocolate muffin. We took our time with our meal and once finished headed on back up to the gate for our airplane.

2:30 we finaly boarded our first plane to Auckland, the trip between Auckland and Christchurch is a short one, I believe we were only in the air for and hour and thrity minutes. By the time we arrived in Auckland and made it through all the security checks which are much more relaxed then traveling through the U.S. it was almost time to board our plane to Los Angeles. So Lisa and I headed straight for our gate and boarded the plane right away.

Our flight with Qantas was a lot more fun then the flight over, they finally got there video on demand working in the plane, so everyone could watch there own choice of movies at anytime during the flight and also had the cabability to pause, stop, rewind and fastforward. The movie selection on the plane was also quite extensive, from new releases to classics, in all there were about 50 movies to choose from. They also had a wide variety of TV series and documentries to watch. All of this along with the great food and service made the twelve hour flight from Auckland to Los Angeles go by very quickly.

Clock Tower in Downtown Christchurch

Clock Tower in Downtown Christchurch

In Los Angeles, Lisa and I had a 6 hour Lay Over between flights, so once we made it through all the security checks which took insanly long we headed straight for our departure gate, found some empty seats with no armrests and made them our beds. Lisa slept while I tried to look for a free internet connection so I could work. After desperatley trying for an hour or so, I eventually gave up and went and layed down with Lisa.

The flight from Los Angelas to Minneapolis was a short one for me, I fell asleep almost an hour into the flight and didin’t wake up until we started our descent into Minneapolis Airport.

Mineapolis to Winnipeg was our last leg of the trip. We departed Minneapolis around 10:15 PM and made the short one hour flight over to Winnipeg and landed in Winnipeg around 11:30.

Clearing customs and getting our baggage in the Winnipeg Airport took about 5 minutes.

Lisas mom Elain was just arriving as we made it upstairs in the Winnipeg Airport and drove us to our home sweet home!!

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