Flying to New Zealand

Waking up this morning, it wasn’t hard making up my mind whether I wanted to get out of bed and go to New Zealand or hang out with Frosty the Snowman in Winnipeg. After a very mild winter, Winnipeg was hit by a cold snap that was lasting a couple of days and was driving the temperature down to as low as – 48 Celsius.

Lisa’s parents arrived at the house around 5:15 a.m. to drive us to the Winnipeg airport to catch our long string of flights that would eventually lead us to Auckland, New Zealand. They helped us quickly tidy up the house, pack our bags into the car and then we were off on the beginning of our vacation.

Winnipeg Airport was a breeze, not that it ever isn’t. Everyone that I’ve ever spoken to has always laughed at the size of the airport when they arrive into Winnipeg. We passed through security with ease – well I did – however, I think they saw something in Lisa and decided to give her the full pat down but nothing too serious.

Our one hour flight to Minneapolis for our first lag of the trip was great. Lisa and I didn’t get to sit together but she was only in the seat behind me so we could still chat with one another.

Minneapolis was a little warmer then Winnipeg, it was a balmy -24 C. Navigating through Minneapolis airport was simple, we found our gate with little effort. Both Lisa and I have traveled through the Minneapolis airport several times before, which made it easy, but Minneapolis airport is so well laid out, it would be tough to get lost in it even if it was your first time there.

Supper in L.A. Airport

Supper in L.A. Airport

Our next flight from Minneapolis to LA departed at 11:30 a.m., but we didn’t get off the ground till 1:30. Lisa and I had those crappy seats right at the back of the plane that reclines very little, so that sucked, plus I had some guy beside me that decided he didn’t have to share the armrest. Once our plane took off the four hour flight to LA seemed to take forever. I seriously doubted that I could last a twelve hour flight from LA to Auckland, New Zealand under these conditions but once the flight landed in Los Angeles and I walked around the terminal for a little while, I was ready for the next flight.

Day 2

We departed from the Los Angeles airport a little late, but better late then never. We were now flying with Qantas Airlines on a brand new 747.  I was excited as it was my first time ever being on a Boeing 747.

The flight over to Auckland on Qantas airlines was amazing. They had the best service, food and the best little ideas for everything during the flight. Each seat had its own LCD, along with the latest DVD rentals for you to watch at no charge. The staff was super friendly and made you feel very welcomed. I’ve taken probably twenty flights over the last few years and this was hands down the best service and flight experience I’ve ever had. The twelve hour flight went by so fast.

We landed in Auckland just around 6 A.M and disembarked the plane quite quickly.  We were sitting in the very back of the plane and it didn’t take any time what so ever. Lisa and I made our way through customs, picked up our baggage and then went through another screen before setting foot on New Zealand soil. It felt great, but best of all, it felt warm!

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