Interislander Ferry New Zealand

Driving onto the ferry was a pretty neat experience. I thought everyone would just park on the first deck but we had to drive up a ramp and park on the second floor of the ferry, were most of the small compact cars went, as the bigger trucks and trailers parked on the first deck.

Lisa and I made our way to the cafeteria on board the ferry and grabbed some seats overlooking the front of the ship. I grabbed some breakfast for the both of us at a pain staking $16 and watched as the big ferry exited the port of Wellington. After we had reached the open waters Lisa started to get tired and I needed to find a power supply so that I could plug in my laptop and keep on working. Lisa and I found a little corner near the back of the ship in the bar section were she could lay down and I could plug in and continue working.

The ride across lasted about three and a half hours, we didn’t get to see all that much as Lisa was lying down and I was working, but we did manage to make it to the viewing deck as we entered into the town of Picton on the south island.

Driving up to the Interislander Ferry

Driving up to the Interislander Ferry

Before docking in Picton everyone on board driving a vehicle had to get back into their vehicle and prepare to debark once the ship doors were opened, so Lisa and I headed back to our vehicle. Once inside the vehicle a member of the ships crew told us that we were parked on a ramp and to not worry about the few little bangs we would feel and hear as the hinges were pulled and we lowered into position. It was a pretty neat experience as we were in the car the entire time.

Thankfully we were one of the first cars off the ship and were soon on our way to the small city of Blenheim which was only a few minutes drive from the town of Picton.

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