Timaru New Zealand

We arrived in Timaru around 6:30 and pulled into a local gas station and called up Lisas uncle and Jen to let them know we had arrived in town.

A few minutes later Lisa’s Uncle Raymond and Jen showed up at the gas station, we quickly did the introduction thing and then hopped back into our vehicle and followed them down to there place where we would be staying the next few days.

That evening we all sat around the dinner table and enjoyed a nice visit and some wine, about Midnight we finally got tired and called it a day!!

Day 7

Jen & Raymond's Food Caravan

Jen & Raymond's Food Caravan

Saturday morning was a busy one, Lisa and I were up around 10 A.M. helping Jen & Raymond prepare the days food for the big rugby game, the Canteburry Crusaders VS’s the South African Sharks. Lisa’s Uncle Raymond & Jen have a food caravan and go to various events around the south island of New Zealand and sell American hot dogs (Hot dog in a bun) and venison burgers (deer meat). I’ve only been to about 5 or 6 other countries in my life, but as far as I know when someone says hot dog, you think of a hot dog in a hot dog bun, but here in New Zealand a hot dog is a hot dog on a stick dipped in batter and then fried. Lisa and I stuck with the Venison burgers which are not all that common back home in Canada.

We arrived at the grounds around 3:30 and started preparing for the big game at 5:30. This was a major event as the Canteburry Crusaders only make one appearance a year in the city, the rest of the year making Christchurch there home town. Rugby is to New Zealand as is hockey is to Canada or Football is to the United States, it’s huge!!

Canteburry Crusader VS Sharks

Canteburry Crusader VS Sharks

10,000 fans showed up to watch the game that night, with a city of only a population of 40,000; that is pretty amazing. Before the beginning of the game the crusader put only a fairly large show. Knights dressed up in medieval uniforms came riding onto the field yielding there swords and pumping up the crowd for the big game.

Lisa and I stood and watched the entire game; it was really interesting even though Lisa and I couldn’t understand most of the strategies being used during the game. The atmosphere was quite similar to those of sporting events at home, there were family’s who came and watched the game and then there were the guys who came to drink. Needless to say we got to see a few guys dressed up in clown suits tossed out of the park grounds.

After the game Lisa and I returned to Raymond and Jen’s food caravan and sat around while the last of the crowd got there food for the ride home.

We helped Jen, Raymond and the kids pack up the food caravan and load up the coolers into the vehicle and drove back home, which was only a few minutes away. That evening we sat around, had some wine and discussed Lisa and I’s plans for the rest of the trip.

Again it was another late night and we didn’t get to bed until midnight.

Day 8

Left to Right - Raymond, Jen, Lisa & Myself

Left to Right - Raymond, Jen, Lisa & Myself

Sunday was our last morning with Jen & Raymond; after getting up and loading our gear back into the rental car, Raymond took us over to there next door neighbors yard to show us all the birds they had. We had heard about these birds all weekend and also heard them chirping away by our window all weekend as we slept. The amount of birds these neighbors had was pretty amazing; there must have been about 100 of them. There yard was setup like a little zoo which had a little walking path that weaved amongst the cages in there yard.

After the bird tour Jen & Raymond showed us around the cities ship port which is one of the largest in New Zealand and brought us over to a little trendy area of the city, which Jen pointed out had just been remodeled by the city over the last couple of years and was previously a shanty part of the city. This also happened to be the location of Jen & Raymond’s favorite restaurant in the city, so we stopped for lunch. The view from the restaurant was beautiful; we ate our meals while we overlooked the city’s beach and gardens. I had a lamb steak which was excellent and Lisa had a pasta dish which she also really enjoyed. After the lunch Jen & Raymond led us to the outskirts of the city were we said our goodbyes and were on our way south to the city of Dunedin.

Baby Wallaby

Baby Wallaby

Our first stop after leaving Timaru was at a wallaby sanctuary just located on the outskirts of the town Waimate. Lisa and I stopped our car in the parking lot just outside an older looking house, as we went in we were greeted by a polight older women who immediately asked us if we had had the chance to hold the baby wallaby yet, Lisa and I replied no and within a few seconds the woman returned with a baby wallaby wrapped in a blue blanket. Lisa held the wallaby first and I second. While taking our turns holding the baby wallaby the women went on explaining the history behind the sanctuary and filled us with a ton of information about the wallabies. After taking the baby wallaby from my hands and placing it in a specially made duffle bag hanging on the wall, the women then led us outside the house and through a gate in the yard which led us to some pens full of wallabies.

The pens were sectioned off into males, females, ones who liked to be petted and others who didn’t. The women gave us a brief tour of a few of the other animals on the farm and then gave us some instructions on how to feed and approach the wallabies and then let us lose into the pens, reminding us to close each gate behind us as we left a pen otherwise the bigger wallabies would gang up on the smaller ones.

Lisa being afraid, I feed the wallaby’s first will she observed. With a hand full of food pellets, I cupped my hand and bent down to the wallaby’s height, he then hopped over and began eating out of my hand. Once I had fed them a few times, Lisa got brave and decided to try it herself.
After about and hour or so and a whole lot of feeding the wallabies Lisa and I exited the farm got back into our car and continued on our way to Dunedin.

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