Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Well after the little detour in Auckland everything went smooth. Lisa and I made our way to the Waitamo Glowworm caves and arrived a little after 12:00 pm. We were both still full from the morning’s breakfast so we decided to just do the glowworm tour right away.

Twenty of us waited in some shade as the guide checked our tickets for the 12:30 tour. Not long after we were led into the caves by our guide. Upon entering the caves we were ducking and dodging pointy rocks that were protruding from the surface. As we walked further into the cave it went deeper and deeper underground. After about a five minute walk we were led into the main area of the cave. Here the guide stopped and explained how the formations came to be and started pointing out familiar shapes in the cave. Next the guide led our group to a little corner of the main cave and started to describe the life of the glowworm and its lifecycle. He then lowered the lights and the glowworms appeared. They were pretty neat to see. They look like blue optical lights sticking to the roof of the cave. After about a twenty minute talk the guide lead us deeper into the cave where we were all loaded into a big steel boat and were taken through a maze of caves in complete darkness. Looking up and watching the ceiling of the cave the entire time, we got an amazing view of millions of these glowworms hanging from the roof of the cave. It really was quite an amazing site. The boat ride was completed by a cheesy photo opt as we approached the shore of the cave and were escorted off. Lisa and I took a few photos once off the boat. The entrance of the cave with the water and vegetation made for a few good photos. We then headed back to the entrance and checked out our photos from the trip Neither Lisa nor I liked the photo and didn’t bother purchasing it but what I did purchase was a few postcards and a hat so that I wouldn’t burn my balding head.

Exiting from the Waitomo GlowWorm Caves

Exiting from the Waitomo GlowWorm Caves

After the Waitomo caves we were on to Rotorua. We hopped back in the rental car and crunched our hunger with some snacks for the hour and a half drive there. By now I was feeling a little more comfortable with the driving and boy it was a good thing I did. The roads were up and down and curve after curve and very narrow, not like back at home on the prairies where the roads are flat and straight. I had a blast driving though, it’s a whole different experience when you have to actually pay attention, and some of the scenery from the top of the hills were amazing. I was already impressed with the landscape in New Zealand and I hadn’t even seen half of it.

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